Thoughtful Master Data Management with Cort Fritz

In this episode we are discussing Master Data Management (MDM).

The most often cited reason for implementing MDM is to reduce bad data in the organization. Cleaning data is a difficult, repetitive and a cumbersome process. Your data also lives in different silos such as a CRM, Accounting, and HR. There could be hundreds of data sources. Who holds the truth? These projects often fail for a number of reasons. Complexity, politics, lack of domain expertise. 

So, Today we get a chance to speak with Cort Fritz, a Master data specialist with a number of years in this field. He is always fun to talk to. We get into what is master data, why it’s important, what is a good starting point, what to do with old systems, APIs, and if there ever needs to be an intelligence aspect to MDM.

There is a huge IT spend on MDM projects yet so many fail. You’ll want to listen to this episode for expert insight into making these projects successful.


Fahad Shoukat

Cort Fritz has been leading technology teams since 1995.  He is the founder of - a software and hardware product development outsourcing provider.  

His teams have built global-scale, consumer-grade systems for Xbox, Disney, Yahoo, MTV, Showtime, and many other global brands.

His current interests include Internet-of-Things, the elixir programming language, music, and modern lit.

He is most proud of being a dad to his two daughters, Liberty & Reiko and lives in Los Angeles, CA.