What is thoughtful software?

Episode 1: What is Thoughtful Software?

Billions of dollars a year if not more are lost on software projects that never come to fruition. A staggering amount of value lost for companies, individuals, and our economy. There is a better way. This is thoughtful software.

Hosts: Fahad Shoukat and Andrew Wolfe from Skiplist.


What is Thoughtful Software?

And How Can You Ship More Successful Projects?

  • Industry is broken

  • Caring more about profit than customers.

  • Need a craftsman-first approach.

  • Looking out for externalities and being mindful.

  • VC-funded startups

    • Most fail and we know this is going to happen.

    • Most fail because of poor product-market-fit and scale issues.

  • Product market fit happens when founders aren't thoughtful about their business and product(s).

High Quality Code and Other Issues (6:07)

6:07- Are there just too many subpar devs?

  • High quality code is hard.

  • There is so much complexity in modern frameworks and tool stacks.

  • Skiplist is built on the idea that we'll get the best minds in our network and we'll create a groundswell of incredible software.

  • Building the one thing everyone wants: simple, working software that customers love.

For the CTOs Listening In (9:57)

9:57- Thoughtful software isn't necessarily slower

  • To move fast, you have to move well; more methodically.

  • Too many companies build a POC and then end up throwing it away because it wasn't built with continuation in mind. What a waste.

  • Almost everyone has felt the pain of the BS in software development. No reason to be a light show. Creating tools of substance takes trust and thoughtful, hard work.

  • Communicating well with high trust is powerful and helps shape the foundations needed for successful software projects.

Are we Alone? (15:33)

15:33- Is anyone else building software this way?

  • There are many solid individual contributors; freelancers with values especially.

  • Bridgewater Associates led by Ray Dalio, for instance.

  • His book, Principles, is a tremendous work.

  • Look for values at the consulting company you're currently working with. These are important. Many don't adhere to a solid set of values.

The Tough Job of the Executive (18:18)

18:18- Navigating the industry to ensure the creation of incredible, thoughtful software

  • Get high-trust partners in place.

  • Don't work with people constantly trying to upsell or sling BS.

  • Due the diligence to make sure partners have achieved excellent results in previous projects.

  • [Slack commercial].

    • It's a great example of thoughtful software.

  • How we build thoughtful software at Skiplist