Episode 19: Smart Stores, Analytics, and the Future of Retail with Gregg Golembeski CTO at Dor

Today's Guest: Gregg Golembeski, Founding CTO at Dor

Hosts: Fahad Shoukat and Andrew Wolfe

Today's Guest: Gregg Golembeski, Founding CTO at Dor

Gregg is a software engineer passionate about shaping the architecture of complex systems at a high level. In 2015, he co-founded Dor with Michael Brand.

Show Notes

Introduction: Gregg Golembeski founding CTO at Dor (0:36)

--Gregg Golembeski founding CTO at Dor

--Before helping found Dor, managed software team at a nutrition analytics startup, as well as spent time at Apple where he worked with his co-founder

-- Dor created the first battery-powered thermal sensing people counter for physical businesses to harness real-world foot traffic for better-operating decisions

--In this episode, we speak about smart retail and smart store...how physical stores are getting smarter and the future of retail

--“Having data no one else has is invaluable”

Why measure incoming foot traffic? (10:17)

--Small retailers focused on real-time data, the big ones want to look at trends

--Need to challenge baselines and assumptions they have...the error in those assumptions have     rippling effects on decision making

--Help make decisions based on measurement

What analytics are important to retailers? (11:41)

--Foot traffic data (just like online store wants to know how many people visit site), offline retailers/brick and mortar haven’t had opportunity/cost-prohibitive until now

--Dor aims to be Google Analytics for physical retail stores

--Use foot traffic data to look at conversion rate, sales performance, when people come in (helps with staffing), marketing effectiveness as a measurable metric

What prevents retailers from having this data already? (15:11)

--Humans inherently human - get distracted, make mistakes when counting

--Getting data back from a person to a centralized system, in a timely fashion, has lots of room for error

--Capturing in real time increases chances of accurate data, to determine real trends

Privacy (17:02)

--Dor makes their sensors anonymous - retailers given data they need for correlations etc...to make informed decisions for marketing

--Still giving shoppers visiting these retailers their privacy

Integrations (17:27)

--Foot traffic data gets useful when it's correlated with other data sources especially when that coincides with what happens at the cash register

--One click integrations with Shopify, Square, Light Speed, all modern connected point-of-sale systems, but also works with older pos systems to get the data

--Also pulls in weather data, retailers see a strong correlation with weather and shopping

--Try to pull in as much data about stores as possible, but trying to maintain focus on personal privacy, while helping retailers optimize

--Dor has a dashboard that shows correlation with different data sources; this year they are going with that, but now with cheap machine learning, Dor can start doing lots of correlation analysis with different data points and find interesting trends

--More data that can be acquired about the physical store, the better the correlations will be

Smart Retail Future (21:24)

--IoT, smart devices - not in the retail space at the moment, but something Dor really thinks about. Gregg personally passionate about this particular subject

--Huge opportunity to enter the market

--Big Box stores of the world have a different set of problems than most of Dor’s customers

Additional Challenges (22:51)

--Challenges in retail to become “smart stores”

--Dor has chosen battery-operated peel and stick very easy installation approach, that doesn’t require retrofitting because that can be a significant challenge

--Easily adoptable low friction solutions have the biggest impact early on

--Can throw lots of tech at a store, but need data to be actionable and Dor does that

Conclusion (30:07)

--Cool tech moving forward?

--Dor always evaluating new technologies

--For Gregg personally, machine learning is super exciting and it’s getting so cheap to take large data sets and throw models at them to look at correlations and find answers - which is incredibly interesting

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