Episode 16: Merging Digital + Real-World Experiences with Jake Annear at Moet Hennessy

Today's Guest: Jake Annear; Manager of Digital Marketing and NA Innovation Lab at Moet Hennesy/LVMH

Jake Annear has been working in Social and Digital Marketing over the past 7+ years. He joined the LVMH group in 2012 with the Hennessy team and has since gone on to manage the brands digital marketing efforts.

Jake Annear has been working in Social and Digital Marketing over the past 7+ years. He joined the LVMH group in 2012 with the Hennessy team and has since gone on to manage the brands digital marketing efforts. He now sits on the Moët Hennessy Digital Center of Excellence with a specific focus on Digital Content and Innovation where he handles partnerships, emerging technology, and start up collaboration efforts.

Show Notes

Wine & Spirits Innovation with Jake Annear (0:47)

Deep experience with luxury + wine & spirits marketing and experiences.

Digital content

Emerging technologies

Support from startups

Excitement around consumer-centricity (1:32)

More important than ever to use data to get to know consumers; especially patrons of Moet Hennessy.

--Leverage big data and machine learning to do this.

--Creating the best experiences for these consumers.

Voice technology and natural language processing is critical.

Capturing voice search market.

Using voice tech to reach customers right where they are in their homes and workplaces.

Creating elevated experiences with tech (4:32)

Design thinking; starting with the consumer and what they expect.

Marrying the power of the brand with the new opportunities around tech with consumers.

Strategy is really important here and it's a big challenge.

Need to get away from just digital content/website/social media engagement.

Especially difficult because luxury wine & spirits can't be sold on social media.

Tech-driven wine & spirits experiences (6:51)

Tech-driven concierge.

Chat bots, SMS sommelier, and Alexa skills that really craft a unique and excellent product experience.

How do we drive more and better celebrations as a brand?

But being tech-first here is a mistake. The primary question is how does this support and drive our brand?

How can you leverage tech best? (10:58)

Throughout the entire supply chain (from farm to fridge/grape to glass)? How is tech driving the supply chain and the end product to be better?

Big challenge for Moet Hennessy.

Blockchain doesn't fit right now. Doesn't seem to do anything especially for the end consumer.

Blockchain doesn't fit.

Storytelling is super important to making the sustainability piece work in the way that it impacts the consumer.

Product packaging and computer vision (14:32)

Thinking about inventory management and storage. Using computer vision.

Ultimately, Moet Hennessy doesn't sell direct to consumer and is at the mercy of the last mile distributors and their stores for maintaining any kind of new brand experiences in-store.

Data analytics about points of celebration with the product could be super rich.

LVMH Brands are separate and distinct and will certainly stay that way for the medium to long term future.

How do you differentiate the each win & spirit brand? (18:52)

How do you educate consumers and use technology to enhance this?

Event format is essentially where it starts

--Telling the brand story

--Tasting the products

--Creating memories at these events

--Telling unique and beautiful stories and writing new ones.

--Using tech to save these experiences and distribute them is huge.

And, ultimately, maybe we don't need to spend too much time trying to fit tech where it doesn't belong or isn't welcome.

Use tech to drive trends versus create them.

Voice is everywhere and one of the most promising technologies with potential for natural integration into the celebration experience created by Moet Hennessy products.

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