Episode 12: Making Data-Driven Decisions with Brian Ellis (CTO) of Bezlio

Today's Guest: Brian Ellis, Co-Founder and CTO, Bezlio.

Bezlio is a mobile-first, low-code development platform to visualize data from all the datasystems in an organization with a mobile application.

Show Notes

Who is Bezlio (1:02)

--The beginning of Bezlio = Saberlogic; focused on helping small and mid-size manufacturing companies use technology better.

--Kept seeing a lot of the same problems in the companies they were working with; decided to start addressing some of them.

--Bezlio is a low/no-code mobile software development platform which integrates existing data sources in an enterprise and visualizes it on mobile without moving the data somewhere else. Bezlio uses the data where it sits.

Accessing Data - It's Hard! (3:34)

--Getting access to data is always one of the central problems in data-based development situations.

--Especially because manufacturing many times doesn't have mobile developers on staff.

--Framework for good mobile apps is repeatable.

--Bezlio started as a way to provide all of the standard plumbing for mobile applications based in Angular.js.

Data Driven Outcomes (5:54)

--Bezlio shines in gathering and generating data; particularly in the field.

--Bezlio makes collecting data in the field easy as well.

--Matching transactions with actual actions.

Making Sure the Data is Good (8:54)

--Collect the data and minimize user input.

--Use humans where you need human decisions; computers for everything else.

--Aiming to eliminate manipulating data to support a pre-existing thesis.

--Collecting worktime based on whether or not a worker is in the vicinity of the work area (using low power bluetooth emitters).

Distance Between the Data and the Information You Get from the Data (12:34)

--How do you get valuable insights from data? Many companies actually do need to outsource this function.

--Data scientists are taking data apart and coming to new/valuable conclusions.

--Statistical analysis is a huge area of expertise that companies need to be hiring. And universities need to be thinking about incorporating more analysis into their curriculums.

How Do You Create Mobile Adoption? (16:46)

--Customization is important. Too much hyper-segmentation in the mobile app markets for different jobs to be done.

--Applications have to match existing business process flows.

--Apps that evolve and meet companies how they're doing things is critical.

Creating a Culture of Data-Driven Decision Making (19:45)

--People would rather make decision with data but it's not available OR it's not accessible data for users.

--But if you don't do it, your competitors will. Now is the time to train and acquire these capabilities.

--Predictive thinking is critical. Data helps organizations service their customers better. Walmart strawberry pop-tarts and beer, for example.

The rise of AI (27:18)

--Is AI actually playing out or just all hype?

--The issue is that we expect innovation so quickly (too quickly). Yes, innovation acceleration has increased but it's still not a microwave.

--For AI, there's a lot of great theory and academics but not nearly as much AI in practice.

Andrew and Brian Rightfully Roast Buzzwords and Blockchain (29:30)

What about startups without a lot of data? (30:21)

--Start collecting, see what you get, and get better.

--Don't need a particular use-case in the beginning. Just start.


--Figure out the most important business drivers for your business and business model.

--Also, take a look at your cost centers. Focus data analysis around the highest areas and get better.

Creating Systems that Generate Recommendations Based on Data (33:44)

--Many companies are surprisingly behind here.

--ECommerce platforms, for instance. Amazon makes their product recommendation methods public via AWS!

--Sales information is another area to work on. Upsells or other product recommendations can be automated vs. being normally guided by a human rep.

What's Happening in 2019? (38:08)

--Lots happening in Github repos. Search through and see what's happening and what people are excited about and working on.

--Watch what gets included into iOS Webkit in terms of features etc. Huge way to see into the future of software development.

--Web Components for upgrading client experiences. Automatically updating Bezlio implementations.

BRIAN ELLIS, Co-Founder & CTO, Bezlio

For 16 years, Brian and his brother Adam headed SaberLogic, a consulting company focused on helping small to mid-sized manufacturing companies utilize technology to be more competitive. Seeing companies struggle to leverage the growth of smartphone technology, the pair shifted focus and relaunched as a no-code/low-code mobile software development platform, Bezlio.

Bezlio is a no-code/low-code mobile software development platform that allows mobile workers, like sales teams, field techs, and shop floor users, to have real-time access to on-premise data in easy-to-use dashboards wherever they need it – on mobile devices, desktop, or the plant floor.  


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