Episode 24: The Future of Search with Ravi Swaminathan

Today we are catching up with our friend Ravi Swaminathan, the creator of the revolutionary app TaskHuman.

Introduction: Ravi Swaminathan, founder of TaskHuman

  • Career tech-guy started in the mobile revolution in the 90s, worked for Motorolla, ran sales team for foreign marketers, joined SanDisk in corporate strategy.
  • Started Task Human in 2017

The World’s First Wellness Online Network

  • The best contribution we could make to the space is a preventative health network.
  • Through TaskHuman, using your smartphone, you’re able to talk live on a video call with hundreds of wellness experts.  
  • Preventative Wellness is getting the help of professionals before you have to go to the doctor.

Quality Control and Privacy on Task Human

  • The TaskHuman model is the first platform that allows you to type in what you’re feeling and then be matched with professionals who could help.
  • The final connection isn’t final until the consumer selects their best fit. The user is in control of who they are connected with on the app.  
  • TaskHuman only partners with health care providers who are certified in their field, are currently seeing clients, have communication skills, and can use the platform.  

Online Marketplaces vs Platforms

  • A platform is like a mall. Producers and consumers gather together and find each other. A platform is something that you can build on. Facebook games is a great example of a platform.
  • A marketplace is a kind of platform with buying and selling happening. A marketplace allows people to offer services or goods to people.
  • 2 kinds of platforms: maker and exchange. Maker platforms are where the content is produced by the producer on the Platform (examples: YouTube and Instagram). Exchange platforms like Airbnb, eBay, and Task Human are all about the exchange of information or a product.  

Scaling both Providers and Users in the Marketplace

  • Uber is a great example of a new marketplace.
  • You can create when there’s a demand. If you start with the user in mind, then the supply side will fix itself.  
  • Task Human starts with the supply, ensuring enough providers in each area. Then we solve the consumer side. You have to be balanced about scaling.    
  • Because TaskHuman is all online, they aren’t limited to location-based supply like Uber.  

1:1 Coaching

  • Unique coaching services are picking up. World class services are available to everyone with a smartphone.  
  • TaskHuman is built on the idea that anyone with a smartphone can have access to world class preventative health care with personalized coaching. That will transform the way the way that people think about their own health. You have a right to health.  
  • Coaching is already big. It's how knowledge has been passed on from millennia, now we’re just multiplying the way to get the information from people to people. We want to make it convenient, accessible, and affordable.

New Available Data

  • We have more access to data because of things like the Apple Watch. The amount of progress we’ve made has made it so easy for any doctor to understand what’s going on with us.  
  • People aren’t using tele-medicine to its potential yet, it’s only going to grow and expand.

Personalized Health Plans

  • Google is too generic; we must create a new type of search engine to be able to get the help that we need.  

Privacy and Security in Online Marketplaces

  • Trust is given easily when it comes to services like Uber and Airbnb. What about our health and wellness? By the nature of the platform we’re building with one on one conversations, it’s up to the consumer and provider what they want to share. The platform is self-contained and none of the information is shared to advertisers.  

Exciting new things in the Tech World

  • To truly keep you healthy and lead the best life you can live, wellness should be a human right.
  • Up and coming preventative health services: 23 and Me to know genetic predispositions, Everly Well analyzes food sensitivities.  
  • Biological markers combined with sensors and other info that tell you what to and what to do combined with action you can take.
  • The amount of data we’re getting about our health and our habits really opens a big opportunity.  

Show Notes:

  • A platform is a business model that creates value by facilitating exchange between two or more interdependent groups, usually consumers and producers.
  • A marketplace is actually a specific type of platform business model that focuses on facilitating exchanges between buyers and sellers.  





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