The Skiplist Foundation: An Exercise in Patience


When Andrew and I first made the decision to move forward with starting Skiplist, we knew that establishing a foundation was a when, not an if.  Leveraging Skiplist’s tech talent, building a culture around the necessity of charitable giving, and adhering to our values were non-negotiable.

Our values are at the forefront of what we do – whether that’s helping people build and understand hard technology or focusing on our relationships with business and community partners.

We don’t compromise on the principles we hold most dear:

Simple over Complex.

Learning over Ignorance.

Long-term over Short-term.

Caring over Apathy.

Candor over Cowardice.

Team over Individual.

Change over Stagnation.

Iterate over Perfect.

Transparency over Obfuscation.

Relationships over Money.

While we still have a long road ahead of us before a fully functional foundation is in place, we are full speed ahead with honoring our commitment to giving back; the commitment to caring and being a positive force for change.

Recently, we decided to be one of many sponsors for Flying Horse Farm’s Campfire Event. If you’re not familiar, Flying Horse Farms:

...provides magical, transformative camp experiences

 for children with serious illnesses and their families–free of charge.

Located in scenic Mt. Gilead, Ohio, camp first opened its gates

in 2010 and hosts hundreds of happy campers each year. 

It was an all-around great experience to contribute in a small way to such meaningful work. But all it did was make me want to do more, and to do more right now!

However, the need to slow down and ensure that we are planning and getting the fundamentals right when building The Skiplist Foundation is crucial to its success and our mission.

Our Approach

Long before Skiplist, I worked for a non-profit in Washington state and saw firsthand the constant struggle small organizations faced. It was difficult to get a legitimate seat at the table, difficult to sustain programs and initiatives when the grant period ended, and difficult to constantly be at the mercy of larger organizations and state health departments.

It was also obvious that technology and perspectives from the tech industry and the business world would have been immensely helpful.

This insight is a driving force in our approach to helping non-profits. We want to help the underdogs - the grass-roots led organizations, the small non-profits, the organizations that given help with technology and software, an experienced grant-writer, an influx of money with fewer strings and more focus on the long-term ROI of their initiatives, would absolutely bring about lasting, impactful change in their communities.

Knowing that our perspective and our emphasis on using technology to inspire and empower can be so transformative helps keep the patience to start and sustain our foundation the right way.

In computer science, “Skiplist” is a data structure that is intelligently fast, efficient, and lightweight. Like us. Like our forthcoming foundation. Like we want to make the non-profits we work with become.

Looking forward to sharing more of our journey in the future!



To learn more about Flying Horse Farms or to donate, visit: