Software Principle 7: Abstraction- Why Underabstraction Is Almost Always Better

Abstraction is a powerful tool. Some of the greatest inventions in technology: operating systems, programming languages, compilers, etc. are abstractions. However, when misused or misunderstood, they can be destructive.

Over abstraction can create unmaintainable, untestable monstrosities. Under abstraction may mean duplicate code, but duplicate code is almost always better than unmaintainable code.

Consistency is King

Most personal development books will tell you to set goals and work towards those consistently.

Consistency forms habits and creates progress towards goals no matter how small.

There’s an often-quoted statistic that if you do 1% a day or get 1% better you are 37.78x closer to your goal or improved as a person.

Master Data Management Pitfalls And How To Fix Them

Master Data Management Pitfalls And How To Fix Them

Data is King.

In today’s connected world, data is the lifeblood of all successful organizations. With data, organizations are able understand their markets, make decisions that help drive increased traction and revenue, and build products that their customers want, purchase and use. Without data, organizations are fumbling in the dark: making wild guesses about what they should or shouldn’t do.