Never give up; never give in

Skiplist principles - Part 2 of 3

Never give up; never give in


The need to challenge myself has been with me since childhood; even then I saw the value in continuously working to get better. Whether sports or video games, I loved the opportunity to compete: reveling in the wins and being distraught in the losses.

The competitive spirit remains, and even today I  look for opportunities to test myself . In the world of consulting, the competition is constant; whether within our organization or with other firms. . Whether it’s creating the best SOWs or just simply having the best quality software being produced, there is always an area to improve.

Skiplist is a manifestation of this competitive spirit. I love the fact that we’re able to not only push ourselves, but also push our customers to be more competitive. For me, the key to being competitive is to have the will to never give up and never give in.

As we grow as a company, the ability to adhere  to our beliefs, both in business and software, will be critical to our success. If we don’t, we risk becoming just another shop or just another consultant.

What makes us great now is that we truly believe in our mission and the values and principles that we use to produce incredible software.

The world will push us to change; tell us that our ideas don’t scale. They will criticize that we just don’t understand the needs of “enterprise”. They will attack the way we work: that our non-traditional model is just a gimmick.

We will stand fast and in defiance of their viewpoints. We will continue to own who we are, our principles and our processes. We will hunker down and continue to deliver the unbelievably great software that our customers have come to expect from us. We will show the world our merits through execution not talk. We will never punch outwards to our opponents.

Through confidence that action will change the world, our competitive spirit and our principles will guide us to the greatness we will continue to achieve. We will understand that every day is an opportunity to win and that every test is a chance to excel.

At Skiplist, we will never give up and we will never give in. We owe that to ourselves, to our friends and family, and to our customers.


Andrew Wolfe, CEO, Skiplist