Founding Principles

Skiplist Principles - Part 1 of 3


At Skiplist, we are on a mission to transform the world through incredible and thoughtful software. I am regularly up at night wondering how we create the culture needed to execute on such an ambitious mission. Although I don’t know the future, I do know culture is not created by accident.

It is created through purposeful action; it is created everyday by everyone’s actions, thoughts and communication. It is created when leaders step up and demonstrate the principles and convictions that they hold dear. These principles and convictions get shared and emulated throughout the company and then become its culture.

Although not as extensive as the amazing Ray Dalio, the principles that everyone at Skiplist will share are:

  • Excuses are the death of greatness

  • Never Give Up; Never Give In

  • Integrity above all things, except empathy

  • Candor is better than cowardice

  • Complexity must be earned

  • Succeed as a team; Fail as a team

These principles guide us on our journey to achieve our mission. They are a consideration in every action, every word and every moment that we all work towards our goals. Without them, we stand to become just another development shop; just another agency.

If we truly want to be the elite company we set out to be and to change the world, we must be steadfast and principled in all things as we march forward. I will continue to layout these principles in the coming weeks for everyone to consume, understand and ultimately internalize and know what it means to work at and be part of the Skiplist family.


Andrew Wolfe, CEO, Skiplist