In computer science, “Skiplist” is a data structure that is intelligently fast, efficient, and lightweight. Like us.


We are a group of talented individuals who came together to build thoughtful software.

Founded in 2012, we wanted to create a different experience for ourselves and our clients. The software industry is full of bloat. Starting a project can be painful. There is a better way.

Relationships are more important than ever. We believe great software is done outside contracts and built together with alignment in vision and values. 



At Skiplist, we are on a mission to transform the world through incredible and thoughtful software. If we truly want to be the elite company we set out to be and to change the world, we must be steadfast and principled in all things as we march forward.

Andrew Wolfe, CEO Skiplist

Simple over Complex.

Learning over Ignorance.

Long-term over Short-term.

Caring over Apathy.

Candor over Cowardice.

Team over Individual.

Change over Stagnation.

Iterate over Perfect.

Transparency over Obfuscation.

Relationships over Money.